7 Tech Trends To Follow In 2017


It’s amazing that we have such an amazing kind of technology available to us. It’s astonishing to have the power to retrieve almost any information and communicate in a thousand different ways using a device that is almost the size of your palm.

There’s always something new happening in the technology realm, and we can’t help but wait and wonder what technological breakthroughs are coming next.

There are many major tech trends set for in 2017. Some of the major technological trends that will move the world with itself are:

1- Augmented And Virtual Reality.

A Pokémon Go player in New York City’s Times Square. Getty

We’ve already seen some major phases forward for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology in 2016. Oculus Rift was released, to positive reception, and thousands of VR apps and games followed. We also saw Pokémon Go, an AR/VR game, explode with over 100 million downloads and some other like Bioware adromeda. The market is ready for AR and VR, and we’ve already got some early-stage devices and tech for these applications, but it’s going to be next year before we see things really take off.

2- IoT and Smart Home Tech.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that will revolutionize our living style and there are tons of individual appliances and apps on the market, but few solutions to tie everything together into a single, seamless user experience. Now that bigger companies already well-versed in uniform user experiences (like Google, Amazon, and Apple) are getting involved, so we’ll see some major advancements on this front in the coming year, and it will be one of the most rapidly adopted technological trend in 2017

3- Machine Learning.

Machine learning has taken some massive advances forward in the past few years. But again, we’ve only seen it in a limited range of applications. It’s expected that machine learning updates emerge across the board, entering almost any type of consumer application you can think of, from offering better-recommended products based on prior purchase history to gradually improving the user experience of an analytics app. It won’t be long before machine learning becomes a kind of “new normal,” with people expecting this type of artificial intelligence as a component of every form of technology.

4- Automation.

The automation will become a bigger strength in and throughout 2017, with advanced technology enabling the automation of previously human-exclusive tasks. It’s likely that we’ll start seeing productivity skyrocket in a number of white-collar type jobs—and we’ll start seeing some jobs disappear altogether. When automation is combined with machine learning, everything can improve even faster, so 2017 has the potential to be a true landmark year.

5- Physical and Digital World Merger.

Mobile devices have been gradually adding technology into our daily lives. It’s rare to see anyone without a smartphone at any given time, giving us access to practically infinite information and services in the real-world. We already have things like site-to-store purchasing, enabling online customers to buy and pick up products in a physical retail location, but the next level will be even further integrations between physical and digital realities. Brands like Amazon and Wallmart have already implemented this kind of technology.

6- Visualize Big Data. (visual, empathetic, qualitative)

Big data has been a big topic when it started making headlines. The idea is that mass quantities of gathered data which we now have access to can help us in everything from planning better medical treatments to executing better marketing campaigns. In 2017, It’s expected to see advancements to humanize big data, seeking more empathetic and qualitative bits of data and projecting it in a more visualized, accessible way.

7- Everything-On-Demand.

Thanks to brands like Uber, Amazon, and many others people are habitual to having everything on demand via phone apps. In 2017, this trend will develop even further. We have thousands of apps available to us to get rides, food deliveries, and even a place to stay for the night, but soon we’ll see this evolve into even stranger territory. This will revolutionize the way we order and shop for things and services.

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