9 Creative And Brilliant Foodies Gifts in Your Life


Whether you’re food lover or home cook these food gifts will inspired you celebrate family, friends or acquittances that perfectly tailored to your unique taste.

This Foodies gifts includes many interesting ideas and definitely it will make you hungry. just scroll down and enjoy the list !

Watermelon Candle

This amazing candle can lasts for 16 hours and can be a perfect gift for a foodie. Does this candle look same as actual watermelon ?

Sushi Socks

The socks looks like a real sushi set isn’t ? It’s an inspiring combination of Japanese food culture and cozy knitted socks. 7 delicious designs are ready for you to pick such as Salmon, Shrimp, Tuna, Egg, Octopus, Red Caviar and Masuzushi.


Snack Treat Notebook

Think about the snacks or crackers ? Stop ! Now you can jot down your thought in a notebooks that look like popular snacks. The design inspired from a cheddar cheese cracker and a cream sandwich cookie.

Fish Pencil Wallet

This pencil bag look like a real fresh fish. Though some may find it disgusting, however, it’s a perfect way to play a prank on your friends at school or office.

Watermelon Slicer

This an absolutely useful tool for cutting and picking the watermelon slices.

Fast Food Socks

Oh my Goodness These socks looks like an actual pepperoni! Sock’s design will last much longer because it was knitted not printed.  The socks are put together in a nice box in a form of pizza slice.

Pepperoni Pizza Bedding

Not only you can eat pizza, wear pizza but now you can sleep on pizza ! These bed linen looks like a huge pepperoni pizza, and you will be dreaming about pizza all night long.

Fixie Pizza Cutter

This amazing bike’s cutter will make cutting pizza so much fun !

Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

Here is a cool gadget for Star Wars fans out there. This awesome toaster actually looks like Vader’s helmet, and makes toasts with Star Wars title on the side.

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